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Our Aim :

Uni5Elements aims to design , implement and operate productive use applications of renewable energy in an innovative, socially inclusive and sustainable development manner. We are focused on successful & efficient deployment of clean energy solutions through financial and deployment innovations.To begin with we are focusing on productive uses like shared Electric Mobility (EMaaS) and small scale local sustainable industry based on captive renewable energy generation through Solar PV and BioGas for creating rural as well as urban sustainable ecosystems worldwide.


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Our Motto

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” (African Proverb)

"It's scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly, But the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, flies anyway." (- Mike Huckabee)

“The desire that guides me in all I do , is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of Mankind.” ( Nikola Tesla )


" Now , we need to focus more on “Financial Innovations" and not just the “Technological Innovations", since the absence of “Financial innovation" is exactly the deployment challenge blocking the acceptance of renewable energy by common people which need it the most”. - Mr.Jigar Shah , CEO- Carbon War Room, Co-Founder- Generate Capital Inc , Founder- SunEdison LLC.


Climate change is all around us , and its time we act individually and together through a bottom up approach rather than just waiting for the commercial utilities , governments and businesses to act on our behalf through their limited motivations. Uni5-Elements believes we are part of Nature and not alone , and so we must work with it and answer its “call for help” individually , to help it resolve the climate change crises.

About Us

Uni5Elements is a deployment focused innovative clean tech organization firmly believing in inclusive growth and striving to end “energy poverty” in India and the world over . It aims to achieve its goals of “energy for all” through financial innovation , productive uses of renewable energy & developing an inclusive sustainable ecosystem working closely with its franchises and business partners . Its founded by very motivated and dedicated team of business and engineering professionals , all of whom come from a humble deep rooted background aiming to realize goals of “energy for all’ by tapping into and utilizing for good natures very own 5 elements like the Sun (Fire) , Wind ( Air) , Earth (Bio-Gas) , Water (Hydro & Tidal ) & Ether ( Teslas Magic element we are yet figuring out ).

Planned Projects


On why we selected shared Electric mobility as our spearhead climate change mitigation strategy for emerging economy like India and the BRIC nations.Well imagine fossil fuels and there use in transport is one of the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions worldwide. Now compare that India, today has roughly 16 million cars (TERI,2014) which by 2025 is estimated to grow to almost 60 million , an increase of almost 44 million cars in 10 years mainly due to inefficient ...

Commercial EMaaS Rollout

Post Pilot we plan a commercial rollout pan India of our EMaaS service which in the next 5 years has a capacity to put equivalent of almost 5 million shared Electric Vehicles on Indian roads along with 50 GWp of renewable generation to charge them enabled by a very innovative charging & financial strategy along with an innovative strategy of designing shared electric mobility for urban transport based on renewable energy. This will together save 50 million metric tons...

B2B & B2C Product Venture

During our research since 2013 , while designing a scalable EMaaS venture , we figured out that " limited Range" for electric vehicles is an important limitation and cannot be solved by deploying extensive charging infrastructure alone and requires a review of electric vehicles design , quite differently than the same view in which the technical designers have looked upon up-to now at normal fossil fuel vehicles,EVs and HEVs.

Our Solutions Deployment Team

Mitesh Pawaskar